Diet and Fitness Planner

How to stick to your workout plan. (For real this time.)

What if you had a step-by-step system to set fitness goals, track your workouts and food and help you stay on the workout wagon? 

It's here.

You know what to do.... but you're not doing it, right?

We all know we should eat healthier and exercise. You've tried dieting or joining a gym before but somehow, despite desperately wanting to lose weight, you can't seem to stick to your diet plan or workout program. 

In fact, as a fitness coach, the biggest struggle I hear from my clients is "I fell off the wagon. Again." Life happens. I get it. And being a busy working mom battling the bulge myself, I can totally relate! 

But I've discovered a secret weapon to keep myself and others on track. 

The secret is accountability. 

Accountability could be joining an expensive diet program, attending lame meetings and enduring humiliating public weigh-ins. No thank you. 

You can also be accountable to YOURSELF, in the privacy of your own home. 

This is the kinder, gentler (but still effective) accountability I think you'll prefer. So I created a printable diet & fitness planner to be your personal accountability buddy and new BFF. No matter what eating plan or exercise program you choose to follow, the planner will keep you on track. 

The planner starts with goal setting each and every month. You choose the fitness and nutrition goals that matter most to YOU. 

But you don't simply set goals and magically wait for them to happen. Because, and you already know this, they won't. 

Writing "I will lose 15 pounds" on a pink sticky note stuffed inside your desk drawer doesn't guarantee you will drop the weight. In fact, I'm willing to bet you not only won't lose the weight but you'll almost surely GAIN GUILT when you find the crumpled note a year later.

In your printable planner you will set goals each month and dig deep for your personal motivation. You know, the reason WHY you want to achieve that goal. "I want to lose 15 pounds" may not be enough to keep you from diving into a box of Krispie Kreme donuts, but "I want to lose 15 pounds because I have pre-diabetes, I'm eating crap all the time and I'm setting a terrible example for my kids" just might do the trick. 

The planner will also help you identify potential obstacles (holidays, vacation, sale on Ben & Jerry's!) and brainstorm ways to overcome those hurdles.  

You will be reminded to set a reward each month so you are motivated to achieve your goals. (Because if the promise of a new pair of killer heels motivates you to exercise, then new shoes for the win!)

Setting goals is a great start, right? 

It's not enough.

Next you must break those goals down into bite-sized action steps and daily habits. Your printable planner is where you will list those actions and habits, and SCHEDULE and TRACK them. Each week you have a checklist to keep you motivated, organized and on track. 

And remember the accountability?? 

You will be accountable - to yourself - every single day when you track your healthy habits, food, exercise, water, and more.

With the daily pages you will see your progress at-a-glance. Fill in your daily food tracker with Big Mac's and cheese fries, and you will know you need to stop and tweak something RIGHT NOW. 

Or, (possibly worse) if there are lots of blank spaces in your food or exercise tracker, you know you are not working toward your goals. No judgment, no bad feelings. Just good ol' fashioned honesty. Change your goals or change your actions to get results.

The printable Diet & Fitness Planner has all the bases covered:


  • Monthly Goals & Action Plan 
  • Monthly Healthy Habit Tracker 
  • Monthly Workout Calendar 
  • Weekly Success Checklist 
  • Monday through Sunday Daily Pages to track workouts


  • Portion Control Diet Plan Info
  • Portion Control Food List
  • Favorite Healthy Meals
  • Favorite Healthy Recipes
  • 2-page Weekly Meal Planner
  • Blank Shopping List
  • Grab & Go Shopping List


  • Getting Started Right Checklist
  • Believe You Can
  • 2-page Inspiration Board
  • Before & After Weight and Measurement tracker
  • Daily pages to track fitness, nutrition, water, vitamins, journaling, inspirational quotes and more!

Perfect for Portion Control Diet Plans

If you track food portions, this planner has got you covered. It's perfect for Beachbody programs like:

  • 21 Day Fix
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme
  • Core de Force
  • PiYo
  • Country Heat
  • Hammer & Chisel
  • and more...

And if you don't track portions it's all good. Just ignore the cute colorful squares!

Meal planning will no longer stress you out.

Tracking your food is one thing, but there won't be healthy food in the house if you don't plan ahead, right?  

The meal planning section will make you a meal planning super hero. Use the big two-page meal planning spread each week to plan all your meals and snacks. There is a sidebar shopping list right on the meal planner, or use one of the two other grocery list options.

Now there will be zero stress when the kids ask, "mom, what's for dinner?" 

You will know.

  • 2 Page Weekly Meal Planner
  • Blank Shopping List
  • Grab & Go Shopping List for those hectic weeks (you're welcome)
  • Guide to following Portion Control Meal Plans
  • Portion Control Healthy Food List
  • My Favorite Healthy Meals
  • My Favorite Recipes

Print as often as you need for your personal use...never buy another fitness planner again.

I designed this planner to be super useful and ready for you RIGHT NOW. It is a printable PDF file, available for immediate download. This means you can print it at home and get started immediately.

The other cool thing about this planner being a printable file is that you can use it FOREVER. Just print out new shopping lists and meal planners each week. Print new monthly goal setters, workout calendars, weekly checklists and daily pages each month.

  • PDF file available for instant download
  • Print on standard, letter-size paper
  • Undated, so you can start immediately
  • Lots of space for writing
  • Print as often as you need for your personal use -never buy another fitness planner again!

Oh yeah. The fitness planner is super affordable. 

It's only $10.

Pay in a flash with Paypal or any major credit card. Payments are processed through Paypal but you do not need an account. 

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