Grab your free printable Monthly Fitness Calendar!


When you need a little help sticking to your workout program...

Have you ever joined a gym and quit going after a few weeks? Or maybe you bought the 21 Day Fix because your best friend raved about it... but your dvd's ended up gathering dust on a shelf?

If you are serious about creating the habit of regular exercise (but need a little help), then this printable Fitness Calendar is for you.

  •  Set monthly goals
  •  Discover your motivation
  •  Set a reward (bribes never hurt!)

  • Track weight and measurements 
  •  Plan and track workout 
  •  Undated so you can start TODAY

As a fitness coach, the biggest struggle I hear from my clients is "I fell off the wagon. Again." 

Life happens. I get it. 

And being a busy working mom and a former obese lady who is constantly battling the bulge, I can totally relate!

That's why I created this fun keep us both on track!